announcement of chief final


News Flash: August 1019

We are advised that after analysing the documentation and genealogical evidence presented, the Lord Lyon has made a decision on a Carruthers Chief as of August 2019. Our last chief died in 1809: John Carruthers, 12th of Holmains, 8th Baron, and our new chief will also come from the chiefly line of Holmains.

We are also informed that the Red Carruthers tartan seen above, the official tartan of the Clan Carruthers Society International will become the official Carruthers clan tartan. The Blue Carruthers, registered at the same time, will also be made available through the clan society.

As a society, and after well over 12 years of research and hard work, we now simply await the official announcement of a Chief. Our tartan will be recognised, our clan will no longer be armigerous, and our family will have a chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers.

A long hard road walked, but the view on arrival is definitely well worth the effort.

GC BADGE ARTWORK Chosen Logo-10The Clan Carruthers Society International (CCSI) was founded in January 2017 and is officially recognised by the Chief of Carruthers as representing the worldwide Carruthers family. It is non-commercial, apolitical and non-partisan and is open to any member of the international Carruthers family and derivatives of that name. The Society is based in the United Kingdom, but is represented by an international Executive Council.