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CLAN CARRUTHERS: The Carruthers Crest, nearly 400 years of history.

GC BADGE COLv2The Carruthers Crest Badge is in the classic heraldic style, and reflects accurately the Chief’s crest as recorded by John Carruthers 9th of Holmains, 5th Baron, after the Lyons Act of 1672.

As arms are issued through the auspices of the monarch, at the behest of King James VI the Scottish Parliament decided to prevent those not deemed worthy of them from bearing Scottish arms and thus an Act was formed in law to reflect the same.  Records show however, that our family carried arms going back to at least the 12th century.

All Scottish crest badges are made up of the crest from the top of the Chief’s arms, in this case the Chief of Carruthers: a Seraphim Volant Proper. This is encircled by a belt and buckle on which is inscribed the Chief’s motto, again in our case Promptus et Fidelis (ready and faithful).

chiefs arms with mantling red and silver 2
Chiefs Arms

The Carruthers crest has therefore remained the same from before its first recording in 1672 on the Register of All Arms and Bearings of Scotland. This means that the arms of our chiefs are a historical part of our visual history and have been for well over three centuries. This is reflected in the arms of the current chief, which are matriculated directly off them.

The Chiefs arms have therefore not been changed since then, which includes the presentation and description of the crest and the wording of the motto. It does but exclude the fallow deer buck supporters, which are a recent addition.

Carruthers Seraphim

The crest, sitting on top of the helmet and below the motto, is therefore always depicted as having six wings, the upper-most and lower-most crossed in saltire, the middle pair spread as in flight and in the centre of which is always depicted the head of an angel. It can take slightly different presentations, but all follow the same format as described above.

This complies with the standard heraldic and religious depictions of the same and as these arms were in use before 1672, follows nearly 400 years of clan and family tradition by the chiefs of Carruthers and the House of Holmains itself.

Clan Carruthers Society WP footnote 2021

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