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CLAN CARRUTHERS: A message from the Convenor


George Carruthers Pottenger 300A.jpg(UPDATE: a Chief was confirmed by the Lord Lyon on 19/08/19. Dr Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains, was recognised as Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers.)

Dear Clan

The questions we receive from our membership are varied and in many cases relate to our history and genealogy but a few recount what others, external to our society, say and the claims they continually make.

Sadly when false facts, half-truths, bizarre claims and spin are the foundation of any communication from a group, it is difficult to believe anything that is offered. All we can then do in that instance is give an honest response, thus allowing people to make their own minds up.

As a Clan Society of a proud Border Reiver Riding Family, we will continue to post based on the evidence and facts that are available to both ourselves and other genealogists and historians. Again, with that information, it is up to those of our name to make their own decision on where the truth lies.

We at the CCSI represent all Carruthers and derivatives of the same, both at home and abroad, whose ancestral home remains in Annandale, Dumfriesshire and with that representation comes certain responsibilities.

As such, like many other clans before us and many more to follow, we decided years ago to take the official route to have a chief confirmed. This is through the Scottish Government and Judicial Agency sanctioned and authorised by the Crown itself i.e. that of the Lyon Court in Edinburgh. The authority of this process cannot be so easily undermined by those who wish to feed their own agenda, although they continually try.

The simple fact of the matter is; if the Lyon has no authority, no credibility, no recognition, then why do those who can choose to go through the process and those who simply can’t, shy away from it and try to criticise it at every turn. The reason is very obvious.

The rules and laws governing Scottish Chiefs, their Clans and their societies are set out as a mainstay of Scotland’s cultural identity. Therefore if people choose to claim to represent ‘a Scottish Clan’ then surely they cannot simply cherry pick the bits they want, just to prove their agenda. Sadly for others, it’s the whole package or nothing, if we genuinly wish to retain any modecum of validity and respect.

The bottom line and the facts of the matter are that ALL official Scottish clans and their chiefs are recognised through the Court of the Lord Lyon. Those that aren’t, have no official recognition as such. This does not necessarily mean that all armigerous clans (without Chief) have no credibility. However, if a petitioner for Chief exists based on genealogy or a route to recognition is open to them via a Derbhfine, both through the auspices of the Lyon Court, most respectable groups will take it. Clan Bell, Ewen, Glendinning and Mackinnon being a few of the current clans following this process, and we now understand Clan Logan may be in the very early stage it seems.

It therefore remains the responsibility of any respectable Clan Society to represent that clan in the most honest and credible manner they can. That Society has got to reflect the long term Clan needs whilt ensuring its future respectability, This has to be for the benefit of the many, which must come well before the agenda of the few.

It is for this reason that for the last 12 years many of us in the Society have tried to do just that. However we are up against those who would wish to undermine our work for what seems to be their own commercial and personal ends.

The crux of the matter is that, irrelevant of claims made, lies being told and fallacies shared, the facts remain the facts. An official Scottish Clan, it’s Chief, and its Society will follow the laws and processes of Scotland in order to attain recognition in both that country and external to it. Those that don’t, and the obvious reason is they can’t, are not representative of a Scottish clan and are therefore not a Clan Society representing the same.

Accordingly it is our sincerest hope that finally, after 12 years of hard work and research, that a Chief will be recognised through confirmation of the right to bear the Chiefs arms of Carruthers of Holmains. This will happen in the early part of this year we are told, and will come under the auspices of the Lord Lyon.

Once a Carruthers Chief is confirmed then all clansmen and women will have a choice. They can support an officially recognised Clan Chief; enjoy being part of an official Scottish clan and through that, membership of their own clan Society. Alternatively they can choose not to, as the case may be. However, there will only be one official Chief of Clan Carruthers and through them, only one recognised Society.

Our Chief, confirmed by the Lyon, will be accepted as such by all Scottish judiciary and historians. They will appear as such on official documents and within the international press and other media and accepted and recognised as the same wherever Scottish culture is celebrated. Those with no claim to the title, no right to lead, no right to represent, will progressively be seen exactly for what they are.

Although its been a hard and wearisome path to follow, we at the Clan Carruthers Society International choose to thank you for your understanding, patience and support and know that our time and effort is being carried out on your behalf.

Thank you again for your kindness in reading this.

George Carruthers FSA Scot

CCSI Convenor

Promptus et Fidelis

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